Sunday, November 13, 2011

Debate - Berkley Hears the Truth

The Bartlett family enjoyed listening to this old video today.  You all might like to hear it also and think about its many connections to general science, radiometric dating, geology, biology, history and more. Mr Hovind is a master debater and we can all learn a few things from how he handles the opposition, especially if you are thinking about going to college.  The first hour is a presentation with the following hour or more of lively questions and answers. 

What questions remain in your mind about creation and evolution? Are you ready to defend Biblical creation? How about arranging a debate with someone your own age for extra credit?

Watch by clicking HERE.

Taped at Berkeley University in Berkley California on April 9th, 2004. A faithful servant of the Lord tried for 6 months to get even one professor from Berkeley University to debate Dr. Kent Hovind. Over 160 professors at Berkeley University refused to take the challenge–even when money was offered to them! Since no one would debate him, Dr. Hovind spoke for an hour and took questions for almost another hour and a half. See for yourself the incredible hostility the liberals show when someone challenges their evolution world-view. This was Dr. Hovind’s second trip to Berkeley and the crowd gets more hostile each time. If you like to watch a good fight, you will really enjoy this video.