Monday, January 14, 2013

Preparing for Persecution

There is a sense among many Christian leaders that an increase in persecution of Christians can be expected in America in the near future, because it is already happening.  There certainly has been an increase in ungodly culture along with an increase in size and scope of civil government. And besides, American probably deserves some judgement if you consider Sodom. 

So how should Christians respond or not-respond or prepare? Withdraw from all aspects of culture to protect our families and churches? Advance Biblical truth in the public square through involvement in areas where we are called, in spite of opposition?

Are we approaching the great tribulation and seeing the great falling away prior to Christ's second coming? Or is this just another judgement or curse from God on sin?

For most of my Christian life, I would respond to these questions with something like, "I have read the commentaries, but I still don't have a personal understanding of Biblical eschatology (future things) or the book or revelation, so I will have to wait and see, and faithfully serve God in the mean time."

It has taken about 30 years, but I can now say that I do understand some of what the Bible says about the future, and it is very, very encouraging for Christians in the midst of persecution today. To summarize, apostate churches and tyrannical governments were the enemy of the church before Jerusalem fell in AD 70. We have the same opposition today and therefore the book of Revelation is the best document to understand in order to prepare for any increase in persecution today. In the end, the anti christian people and institutions basically self-destruct, just like we see happening in the public schools, and the people of God are victorious in the present time as well as the future.

Our family has been studying the book of Revelation by listening to the sermon series by Pastor Joe Morecraft.  Listen to one or more of these audios and let me know what you think!

Pastor Morecraft Revelation Audio Series

There is a study guide for this series HERE.

"Remember: It is the Gospel of Revelation that must be proclaimed, lived out, and received, if Western Civilization is to be Christianized.
          1. The Lordship of Christ over the nations.
          2. The judgement of Christ upon the nations.
          3. The victory of Christ and His Church over the nations."