Sunday, October 23, 2011

What is Biblical Freedom?

Recently I sent out a statewide email to North Dakota home educating families asking them to consider attending a training seminar on how to become a delegate for Republican Candidates.

In my email, I mentioned that "We need candidates that understand Biblical and constitutional freedom and are willing to fight for both in the context of home education as well as other areas.

I received a question from Christian college professor asking what Biblical freedom was?

Here was my reply to him, which was not intended to be thorough, but something to provide a place to help begin some discussion on the topic:

“Biblical freedoms (liberties) are simply freedoms that can be traced back to Scripture such as: socialism is stealing, abortion is murder, limited role of civil government, sound money etc.

In the political context this would also include considering the use Biblical qualifications for choosing civil servants, since freedoms are lost where those qualifications are not used.

 Noticing too that as self-government (self-control) is lost to a society, then the civil government reach and influence and cost increases, which proportionally takes freedom away from the people.

Of course the freedom from the guilt of sin and the ceremonial laws etc. would be included in the broad view of Biblical freedom too."

Deut 4:5-8 shows that God's Word/Law is applicable and most righteous.  In my simplified question form, can man really come up with better laws or systems of government than God?  When man does, it is called humanism or a derivative of humanism. Did God leave man to figure out government on his own or did he teach us the most righteous principles of government and qualifications for leaders in his word? This still allows for some varying forms, such as a righteous King or righteous representatives etc.

Can we worship God any way that is not forbidden or are we to worship God in the way that he prescribes?  Deut 12:32, Matt 15:9 would point to the later. Does this apply in all we do?  When should we not worship God?  Prov 3:6

Therefore, sticking with the limited government thoughts, and pondering what does the Bible teach about the role of civil government from both the old and new Department of Education, no Department of Social Services, no Economic Develop Commission, no Ag Department....instead free market, home and church education, pastoral counseling, church caring for poor, and not many jails since emphasis on restitution and protection of private contracts and property etc. 

Romans 13 is seen by many Christians today as a command to obey almost any law by any government, but it says "ordinance of God...good...minister of God...evil..." Can something other than God's Word define good and evil and be considered Biblical? Long story, so here is a link to a few historical thoughts in an old blog post:

We are to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, which would include taxes (tribute) for at least "wrath's sake", but not our Children, not our faith, not the truth of God's Word, nor our allegiance to the King of Kings, and not our vote toward unbiblical civil laws or civil servants!
How would you elaborate on these thoughts?