Monday, September 17, 2012

What Does a Project Manager Do?

Since you are all learning how to either be a project manager or work with the project manager team, here is a helpful orientation to what a project manager can be expected to do. (ref.

A project manager manages a team of people in order to get a project completed. Project managers work in every industry and are held accountable for the outcome of projects. The main duties of a project manager are planning, organizing, managing, controlling and following through on all parts of a project.

Project managers start with the objective or purpose to be achieved in a particular project. Then, determined on available resources such people, equipment and budget, they plan how the project will be achieved step-by-step. Project managers usually ask for ideas and suggestions from the employees who report to them.

A project manager must organize the project by deciding who will complete each step and by when. In larger organizations, the project manager may appoint team leaders to handle different project areas. These team leaders supervise a group of workers and report directly to the project manager.
The ability to delegate tasks and accomplish objectives through other people is a necessary project management skill. A project manager has to be able to successfully control how the project is executed so that the end result is successful. Schedules and tracking must flow. Project managers have to be prepared to step in and make needed changes if a problem or delay occurs. They have to have trouble-shooting or problem-solving abilities because it's their responsibility to keep the project on track or to get it back on track when things go wrong...

Following through in all project areas, whether there are team leaders or not, is absolutely crucial for the project manager's success. If he or she neglects to follow up in even one part of the project, it may mean that the objective isn't reached and the project didn't go as planned. The success or the failure of a project is ultimately the responsibility of the project manager.