Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Starting Point for Math and Science

"..but a philosophy which begins with matter, structure or change as its ultimate and starting point can never result in a deliniation of the ways of the self-contained Creator of nature. Christian thought has consistently gone astray, throughout most of its history, by seeking to answer the world in terms of the world's own categories." RJ Rushdoony

So, if God really did create heaven and earth, which He did in six literal 24 hour days, then nothing can have any meaning or interpretation that is correct apart from acknowledging this fact.

 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.Proverbs 3:6

Science and math deals with God's created matter and therefore there is beautiful and has thorough meaning in every respect.   It is the joy and responsibility of the Christian to draw near to God in even those details.

Therefore, it seems that it is only time and interest that limits our  discovery of these meaning since God is both the Creator and Providential controller of every electron and quark in the universe.

What are your thoughts about the above points?
Is this important?
Does God's Word apply?
How does our sinful nature impact or view and practice of math and science?
Is the Old Testament old and outdated?
How can we expect the Holy Spirit to be involved in math and science?
What is sin and how can we sin in math and science or can't we sin in math in science?


Andrew said...

I agree with the point that we are supposed to draw near to God in the areas of math and science because His Word, and Beauty are manifested within these fields. I believe that this is important because, without the laws of math and science, we would not know why, or how, things happen. I believe that yes, God's word does indeed apply to the matters of math and science because his word governs the laws of this world. our sinful nature affects or view of math and science because without Christ all we want to see is that this or that happens because of this law or is affected by this equation. However with a Judeo-Christian Worldview, we see that certain things are affected by yes laws of science but we realize that God put these laws in place and that He set them to do certain things and so we can fully believe that God has completely created all the laws of the universe. The Old Testament is certainly old, but it is not outdated. Biblical scholars have even now, been learning new things from the Old Testament. The Old Testament supplies a glimpse of what ancient life was like. It provided historical data as to who ruled what kingdom and wehen they ruled. It also shows us how the Israelites lived, and what sort of governmental system that they followed and what their law codes were. We can expect the holy spirit to be involved in Math and Science by the way He helps us to interact with one another, and with the teacher. The Holy Spirit can also guide us in what He wants us to do or say and what not to do or say. Sin is doing something against Gods word, whether you know it or not. We can sin in Math and Science by cheating or not following the rules of our parents or teachers.

Anonymous said...

I believe that god is the greatest mathmatition ever, and he has order and complexity(math) to everything. The old testament is not outdated, but it is in a sense remade and reavised in the new testament. Jesus fulfilled scripture in the old testament and he condensed all the lessons and teachings into a more easily understandable teaching; but he was organized and orderly in all that he did. Jacob Nelson

Dr Bartlett said...

Very interesting thoughts!