Friday, September 2, 2011

What do engineers do?

Engineers design and make things, lots of things, from roads to electronics to kitchenware to clothing, to medicines and medical equipment. A mom was asking recently for some references for her son to be able to choose which type of engineering he would like to pursue as a career. Below is a list of links that I provided, which includes many videos that would be of interest to most anyone. 

In 2008, engineers held about 1.6 million jobs. Following is the distribution of employment by engineering specialty:

Civil engineers278,400
Mechanical engineers238,700
Industrial engineers214,800
Electrical engineers157,800
Electronics engineers, except computer143,700
Computer hardware engineers74,700
Aerospace engineers71,600
Environmental engineers54,300
Chemical engineers31,700
Health and safety engineers, except mining safety engineers and inspectors25,700
Materials engineers24,400
Petroleum engineers21,900
Nuclear engineers16,900
Biomedical engineers16,000
Marine engineers and naval architects8,500
Mining and geological engineers, including mining safety engineers7,100
Agricultural engineers2,700
Engineers, all other183,200

See what you think of a few links below and then tell us what you learned about what engineers do.  What do Christian engineers do that non-Christian engineer cannot or wouldn't do?  What do you think needs to be engineered better?  Why do you think that engineers are considered the slaves of modern corporations? How do you think an engineer would be helpful in the home or farm or small business? How is God like an engineer?  Who are some famous engineers in history? Engineers in the Bible?
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