Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ancient Hebrew Education

How does education affect the passing on of the Christian faith? Studies from Josh McDowell Ministries, the Southern Baptist Convention and other places show that 70 - 80% of young people leave the faith who attend public high schools.  The Jewish people have had the same concerns and did a very thorough study showing the drastic effect of faithful education as compared to public schools and compromised schools.  Christian leaders have seen the parallels for Christians.  See if you can understand the chart located at this link and let me kn ow what you think about it and how you are avoiding the traps:  Jewish Educational Choice Effects on Next Generations

Since the most conservative Jews were the only ones who did a good job passing on the faith to the third and fourth generations, I did a literature review a few years ago and wrote the following.  It is a bit long for a blog post, therefore it is linked here: Ancient Hebrew Education

Did you get any good ideas for your own high school education, college education, career planning or future family education plans?