Thursday, February 21, 2013

The New Agrarian Mind - Student Essays

As Christians learning to understand the times and what to do something about them, this book is important to know about. The book essentially reviews several key authors and their writings as it relates to the decline of Christianity in the United States, in part caused by agrarian philosophers like Liberty Hyde Bailey who started agricultural extension services to help remove Christian thinking from the rural populations.

The book discusses the influence of technology and cities on family, church, economics and community life. The ideas in this book were part of what led the Bartlett family to move to rural North Dakota and start a small diversified farm.  Not knowing about these subtle influences still working in the United States leaves a family open to their negative impacts. Knowing these things can help revive Christian culture.

This blog post was created as a place for students in the aquaponics class, who are required to read this book, to post their weekly essays. Aim for 250 words per essay, cover half of a chapter in each essay, start with the one currently assigned. Focus on things that you find interesting and how they might apply to reviving Christian culture in your geographic location and circles of influence.