Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thinking About Medicine

I have posted several videos below to convey a few points about the current and future of medicine. 

The key point is that Christians are needed to implement Biblical thinking in medicine.  Christians are needed because the current medical-legal-political climate of medicine is killing people, thereby violating the Sixth Commandment.

Christians interested in a career of changing how medicine is done, such that it serves God and people instead of money, corporations and statism, need to know, not only about biology and technology, but about the philosophies, theologies and politics in play.

Here are a few videos and documents with introductory commentary that I have found helpful:

1.  Technology is changing how medicine is done and giving consumers more data and more opportunities to participate in medical decision making.  This medical doctor states that 1/3 of pharmaceuticals are a waste of money and side effects.

2. It is important to know that Christians have articulated a Christian view of medicine and this document is a good place to start toward developing even more specific statements about medical issues.  The Coalition on Revival involved many Christian Leaders such as Francis Schaeffer, Pastor James Kennedy, Duane Gish and many more:

3.  Dr. Ed Payne was the editors of the Christian View of Medicine and his Medical Ethics links are here:  Here is an article by Dr Payne that I included in a Biblical Concourse newsletter a few years ago:  There is an audio interview also where Dr. Payne recommends the four year medical programs of Europe and saw US medicine as containing alot of wasted time.

4.  This new movie titled "Doctored" is worth reviewing because it discusses how Chiropractors and Naturopathic Doctors are getting better results than medical doctors in many areas.  Here is the trailer:

5.  This is an influential video/slide show on vaccines. After watching you will know the difference between vaccines and immunization, what the assassination of President Kennedy has to do with the cancer industry, how polio is still prevalent today and much more. This information could save and or improve many lives.

There are many more references to show that there is a great need for Christians to understand the times in medicine and do something Biblical about it.

1 Chronicles 12:32 
"And of the children of Issachar, who were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do;"